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There is a Dilbert cartoon, one of the daily ones because it had 3 frames, that involved Wally and Dilbert in a meeting with thier boss discussing what they did that week. Wally said something about "transferring 1,444,000 bits of data onto a removable medium." Afterwards, Dilbert asked Wally if he just took credit for transferring a file to a floppy disk...which he did. Working in the IT field, this is one of the funnier strips I can remember (next to the "shut up and reboot" one from Catburt's call center). However, I cannot find this strip on the Dilbert website. I don't suppose anyone knows where I can find this?
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You can probably find it here. Happy hunting! :)
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Response by poster: Gees, thanks Catbert.
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This cartoon used to hang on the door my office. While that may not sound helpful, I can tell you this: The cartoon must have come out before September of 99 (most surely before June '99) and after March 1997.
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Hm.. Then maybe you won't find it at the place I linked to.
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According to The Dilbert Strip Finder, that strip is from July 11, 1998, and can be found on page 84 of the collection Don't Step in the Leadership (plug in the search term "bits data" without the quotes).

As for finding the strip on the web, I can't help you there.
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There's a printed Dilbert collection called Dilbert Gives You The Business that includes this strip. Best of all, the book is organized by topic, i.e. stupid co-workers, idiot bosses, etc.
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Best answer: Here you go:

This Should be the strip you are looking for.

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I've always Dilbert cried out to be collected on CD-ROM. So many people want to use them in PowerPoints, etc., or just enjoy them, that a searchable CD-ROM would sell like hotcakes.
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Response by poster: Captain_Science, you rock!
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