All I know is Go Fish and Kings.
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I'm looking for the definitive book or website of card games.

I'm looking for recommendations of books and websites that give the rules to various common and lesser known card games that can be played with any number of decks of the classic 52 card set. I would like to have resources for both sober card games and drinking games. For the sober games, what I have in mind is something like the Ashley Book of Knots for the card game world.
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Response by poster: I should mention that I searched Amazon, but there's quite a few options so I'd like to hear about the ones that mefi's personally reccommend! Thanks!
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Other than According to Hoyle, you mean? This was an oft-used reference book in my house, and though it may not contain the most trendy/up-to-date games, it's wonderful for most familiar standards and some fascinating historical oddities.
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I'd second that the Hoyle book is kinda The Book for card games.
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David Parlett's books are quite good, especially the Penguin Book of Card Games. Excellent reference on all kinds of games, both common and lesser-known. I learned to play some really cool games from this book which I probably would never have heard of otherwise. He also invented a couple of games himself, in particular Ninety-Nine, which is a very fun 3-player game.

No drinking games, but I'm sure there are other books for those.

This website is an excellent resource itself, and it has pretty much everything from modern poker variants to old kids' games.
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I specialized for awhile in solo card games. I really recommend this book and this book (though the second one has all kinds of solo games, not just cards.)
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Hoyle for card games for sure. Ours is invaluable!
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Seconding Pagat.
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