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I need quick stats and talking points to use IN FAVOR of banning drilling in state waters along the Florida Coast.

I don't want to start or enter into a debate on here. I am just in a big hurry to find a link to a concise list of points in favor of placing a ban (in the Florida Constitution) on offshore oil drilling in state waters. If you happen to have a handy link for this, could you please just post it here? I might want to print it out for distribution . . . .

By the way, in the little bit of searching I've been able to do this morning, I did come across a 12-page pdf-formatted report, done in 2008, that has a wealth of useful and documented information. That report is by the Southern Environmental Law Center and is posted here, on their website.
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I'm not sure I understand the question. Offshore drilling is regulated by the Federal government.
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Actually it appears im incorrect. Apologies.
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To clarify:

Waters within three miles of shore are part of the states which adjoin them, but the federal government controls the waters outside that limit.

So even if you could come up with a state-level ban, that would only affect the waters over which Florida has control.

The words "useless gesture" come to mind.
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Best answer: Experts predict the price of oil is going to dramatically increase over the coming years. This means the most economically sensible thing to do is buy up the oil of other countries while oil is still cheap (Under $6 a gallon at the pump is cheap) and leave ours in the ground as a precious nest egg for the days when oil will be too cripplingly expensive to buy.

Save American oil as a nest egg for the future. Do this by leaving it in the ground.
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