Help me support my friend.
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Searching for support groups in New York City, for young-ish adults who are coping with a sick parent.

My best friend's dad suffered a terrible brain injury and a stroke. He's not necessarily terminal, but he's not getting better. Her family lives on the other side of the country. She's having a lot of trouble coping with her dad's deterioration, the loss of the father she used to know, guilt for living so far away, and all the other stress and sadness associated with her family's current crisis. I've given her some resources for individual therapy, but I think a support group would be great for her too. I think she's feeling really alone right now and is struggling to talk about what's going on, because so few of her friends can relate to her situation. I think it'd be great for her to talk to some other people who are around our age and experiencing the same problems and feelings.

I'm a social worker and usually know where to find mental health resources, but most support groups seem to be geared toward specific illnesses, such as cancer and M.S. Are there any general support groups for this kind of thing in the Manhattan or Queens area?

My friend is a mid-20s female, if that helps. Thanks all!
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I think the key phrases you want to look for are "long-distance caregiving" and "caregiver support"? Here's a listing of caregiving support groups in New York (it may be out-dated). Best of luck to your friend.
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