Hungry girl looking for Chinese food.
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Stuck on an island. Need supplies. Can anyone recommend a good site for specifically chinese foods?

Hi, I'm living on a tiny tiny island with no access to any nice chinese ingredients.

I've been searching for things like Lap cheong, Shaoxing wine, Mei Kuei Lu Chiew (rose wine), oyster sauce with no luck.

The company I work for ships things regularly from the States, so as long as I can get the food delivered to Miami I can take care of the rest. If anyone can recommend a good site my tummy will be eternally grateful!

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I haven't used this site, but I'll post it since no one else has posted any and maybe this will help you. It seems to have a couple things you're looking for: Ethnic Foods Co.
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I can't vouch for their online business, but I used to regularly shop at their physical store in Minnesota: United Noodles.
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