Movers in NYC?
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Movers and storage recommendations for the NYC area?

I'm in between apartments at the moment and need to keep my stuff in storage in the New York area for at least a month. I want to keep costs down, but prefer to not rent a truck and bring everything to the storage facility on my own. Does anyone have good, cheap recommendations for storage that includes a free move?
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Did you see this thread from earlier today?
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I was very pleased with Shea Moving.
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Oh, wait, I misread and thought you already had storage lined up and just needed movers. I don't think Shea does storage.
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I know manhattan mini storage usually offers a free move. Their storage is pretty pricey though. You'd be better off looking for a place in NJ or an outer borough to store your stuff and pay a moving company to move your stuff there. My friends used College Educated Movers with good results. I'm using NYCityVan on Monday, and will hopefully have a good experience.
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