what to wear to a bachelorette party in AC?
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What can I wear to a bachelorette party in Atlantic City, NJ so that I don't look like I'm *trying* to look like I'm 21 again?

I'm going to a bachelorette party on Saturday night. I'm 37 years old and most of the other ladies there will be about 10 years younger. We're going to eat at a casual restaurant, then spend the rest of the night at a karaoke bar. I'm looking forward to it but I have no idea what to wear. My default "going out" outfit these days is a pair of jeans, a black tee, and black shoes.

All photos of the karaoke bar show the same young hot girls in little black dresses, so that's of no help. Cursory window shopping is hard -- the outfits are either too young for me or too "grandmom at the casino." I don't own a little black dress. I'm willing to buy an outfit. I'm willing to wear heels. I don't want to wear Spanx, but I want to look good.

I'm going to ask the rest of the bridal party but would love the opinions of the AskMe ladies, too.

What do I wear?
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It's summer and you're doing karaoke. Lightweight dresses with some swing to them (the more colorful the better!) are always great for karaoke. I'd go with whatever says "fun!" and "festive!" to you.

And if you're not a karaoke regular already, prep a song beforehand so you feel good about singing!
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Dark jeans and a fancy top with either something shiny/sparkly, a bold print, an embellishment, or an interesting neckline (please do not combine all these things) with some high heels.
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Don't stress - the bride to be wants you there because you are who you are. Keep the jeans and swap the black t-shirt for a dressy top, and you'll be fine. Maybe get your nails / hair done before the event to give you a boost. If you're comfortable with what you're wearing you'll have a much better time, and will therefore look better and happier too! You don't need to create a whole new look for the occasion or try and be someone that you're not. Enjoy!!!
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Sub out the black tee for something a little more eye-catching, like this top or something off this page. Something with some shimmer or a sprinkling of sequins would be nice.

Don't stray too far out of your comfort zone or you won't feel like yourself, but definitely look into a more dressy top and maybe a snazzy pair of earrings.
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I completely agree with quodlibet - sounds like it would be perfect to pair something you feel comfortable in (jeans) with a fancier top. I doubt that would make people think 'grandmom at casino'.

If you have decent arms, I'd go for sleeveless, which in my opinion is always less frumpy. I'd look for something that's your style, but a little bit more playful than usual. Not too low cut, but not too chaste either. I'd go for interesting fabric or an embellished neckline.

I brought a couple of outfits like that on my last trip to Vegas and it seemed that a lot of the more casual bachelorette parties were similarly dressed.

(But I'd definitely ask the other attendees what they are wearing too).
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I'm 27 and just spent a bachelorette weekend with my similarly aged friends. One night a 40ish year old friend of a friend joined us for tapas and drinks and she wore a wrap dress and sandals. She looked absolutely perfect, and didn't look a bit out of place in the photos where the rest of were wearing trendier going-out clothes. Also, wrap dresses are extremely flattering on many women, so you can likely go Spanxless.

That said, my standard bar outfit is heels, dark jeans, and a tank top. I can't imagine looking out of place in the venues you describe in that outfit, and it sounds like you would be very comfortable in it; just upgrade your black tshirt to a pretty and colorful top and maybe add some fun earrings.
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I was at the Borgatta in Atlantic City on a Saturday night in April. It was waaaaaaaaay Jersey Shore and I was surprised at how dressed up the girls were. I would go with black pants and a top with some sequins or other embellishments (Express is great for this). Heels would also be a plus if you can handle them all night.

I was in dressy jeans, a silk tank top, cardigan and flats, and I definitely felt grandmother-ish and underdressed.
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2nding elvissa. I would wear some "slacks" (black pants like what you would wear to work in a professional environment" and a fancy top. Try Express ot NY&Co. in the mall for both.
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Just got back! I went with a dress and that was a very good call, asperity, because 10/12 of the attendees had cute summer dresses. Mine was black with a floral print, and was sleeveless with a kicky square neckline. I went with black slip-on heels.

And while I wasn't courageous enough to go it alone, I sang "Jessie's Girl" with a group. Very fun.

Thanks, everyone! I'm going to take a nap now.
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