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[Askingforafriendfilter]: I played a text adventure game on the Apple IIc (Apple //c, Apple ][c) years and years ago that my father probably got off the bbs at work or something. It may or may not have been on the same disk as the text adventure "Planet of the Robots", a text adventure which I was actually able to complete at age 10 or so.

Half-remembered details:

- You started in an airplane
- Upon landing at the airport, you could take a cab to several places: a house I couldn't figure out how to get into without being shot, a desert with a cave system I'd get stuck in, and a few other places I can't remember
- at one point in the game, a character says to you "if you ever need a lift, just say up up and away" but I couldn't figure out anything to do with that
- you could leave the creator a note on the Applesiders board for hints but we didn't have any kind of bbs access at home


I'll send my friend the link so she can check back here and add details as needed.

1. What was the NAME of this text adventure?
2. How the heck could I actually beat it because I never figured it out?
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Is it The Prisoner? It's an Apple II adventure game that starts in an airplane/airport.
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It would be tough to describe Prisoner or Prisoner 2 as "text adventures", though.
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She says it's not The Prisoner, but the game looks really cool.
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