Sleeping rough at the Fringe
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I'm looking for suggestions on good places to camp during the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

I've been travelling around the UK more or less at random over the past few months, and on arriving in Edinburgh recently I was happily surprised to discover that the Fringe Festival is on soon.

However, I'm currently on a very tight budget, and the prices of hostels in the area understandably jumps by a considerable amount while the festival is on. I'd be sad to have to move on and miss it just for financial reasons, so I was thinking I'd see if I could find some work during the festival, and get a small tent and camp somewhere.

Does anyone have any good suggestions or advice?
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Edinburgh isn't exactly renowned for it's camping facilities, but you could try either the Edinburgh Caravan Club, Mortonhall Caravan and Camping Park or Drummohr Caravan Park, all of which are listed on the Visit Scotland website here and are reasonably close to the city centre via bus. Everything else shown there is probably a bit far out of town to be of much use if you're wanting to commute in and work.

Not sure what prices are, but expect to probably pay a festival premium. That's how it goes.
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Mortonhall is nearest. But it's not close.
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Mortonhall has a massive campsite, and if you can have access to a bike it shouldn't be a huge deal to cycle from there to the city centre - it's about 5 miles.
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