What company offers the fastest USA VPN speed?
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What company offers the fastest USA VPN speed?

There are many sites that promise to have fastest USA VPN speed.
I tried witopia and it was slow.
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VPN for what? You need to be more specific. Is it to connect to a particular server, your office, etc? There are a bunch of factors here.
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The kind of VPN omaralarifi is talking about serves the same sort of purpose as Tor: accessing the Internet through a proxy connection to avoid monitoring or censorship. That also explains why he'd want a U.S.-hosted provider.
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Best answer: I like hideipvpn. I use it for netflix, hulu and pandora from outside the US. I had them short-listed with strongvpn. I chose hideipvpn because it allows multiple simultaneous connections so I can use it at the same time as my girlfriend.
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Oh right, forgot about that use case.
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Best answer: It's prepaid by bandwidth and if you're using it only for safe surfing or whatever AlwaysVPN is great. Very fast.

* 5GB - USD 8.50
* 10GB - USD 15.00
* 20GB - USD 26.00
* 40GB - USD 33.00
* 80GB - USD 47.00

If you're doing torrents or video it's not practical, but 10GB of web surfing and email lasts a long time. No expiration either. It's also OpenVPN-based which is so much faster than PPTP-based VPN services.

I've used them for almost a year and have never once had an issue.
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