Tell me about some good statistical reference books.
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Book recommendation: Tell me about some good statistical reference books.

I'm finding myself often needing to refresh my memory on statistical concepts and operations I studied almost a decade ago and haven't used very much since and would like to have a good book on hand at work to so. My own textbooks from student days of yore worked with a software package, and don't help me much without it. I don't want to re-learn everything (as was the case with other related questions), but I want to quickly review bits and pieces as they relate to my projects.

Requirements: good, clear index.

Asset: if Excel formulae/functions are included alongside old-fashioned pen-and-paper how-tos, that would be extra excellent.

Also, if the examples were social sciences/economics related, that would be better than science examples.
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Best answer: If you need it for reference only, Statsoft has an online textbook with a detailed table of contents. I use this website quite often, but it is mainly geared toward multivariate statistics.
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Best answer: I have some good recommendations for time series. Hamilton's Time Series Analysis is what most practitioners have on their desks, though it is a bit dated now.

Kennedy's A Guide to Econometrics gives an intuitive presentation as a companion to text books full of proofs and formulas.
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Currently reading "A cartoon guide to statistics" by Gonick and Smith. It's a blast: clear, concise, complete, entertaining. I'd never expect this from statistics.
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