Kids Activities in Murfreesboro/Nashville TN
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Nashville Filter: We'll be driving up to Murfreesboro TN to visit relatives with our 2 boys, aged 10 and 7, during the 2nd week of August. We're looking for suggestions on things to do with the kids wiithin, I would say, a 30 - 40 minute drive from M'boro (Horseback riding, waterparks, kids museums, nature activities, lakes/pools etc would fit the bill). Activities in the Nashville area are also of interest. Thanks all
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Best answer: The Discovery Center is a good time! Also, they upgraded the pools at McKnight Park with some great waterslides. Get there early, as they meter admission to avoid crowding. It's blueberry season, and there are some great pick-your-own places nearby. Walks on the greenway system are always a hoot, and the barfield crescent park has a wilderness station.

Mefi mail me for more if you want - I live in the area and can probably come up with additional stuff and urls. I'm typing this on an iPad and making links is a little painful.
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Best answer: All I can say is that I once took a road trip from NYC to Nashville for the sole purpose of seeing the Parthenon reconstruction, complete with resplendent Athena, and it was totally worth it. Might not be so great for a two year old, however.

And this might help you also.

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Seconding Discover Center. I worked there in the early 90s (I went to HS in Murfreesboro) and what they've done there since then is amazing.
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In Woodbury, TN, there is a creek that is filled with geodes. It's shallow, and easy to access... probably perfect for boys at those ages. I made several trips out there when I was in college, and have some beautiful geodes that were very easy to find.
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Best answer: I've never actually been there but there is a waterpark in Nashville. There is also the Adventure Science Center, though it seems like it might be similar to the Discovery Center. There are two Ice(1) Rinks(2) in the Nashville area that have public skates which could be fun since it will be a million degrees in August.
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