Help find a new toy for an autistic boy
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Help me find this toy / tchotchke -- "Ojo," created for a hotel industry tradeshow and beloved by an autistic boy. More details ...

Hi there ... we call this toy "Ojo," and we have no idea where it's from. It seems to be related to the Ojo Motorola Video Phone.

We know that it's a tchotchke created to promote some company related to the hotel / hospitality industry. The toy was acquired during an annual HITEC tradeshow, but no one is able to match the toy to a specific company contact.

Family members got the toy, along with many other freebie tchotchkes, during the show.

My autistic son immediately glommed onto it. It's a near-constant presence for him, because it's soft and perfect for stimming with.

Our lone copy of the toy has been washed and repaired several times. We'd really like to get replacements. In my ideal world, there's a marketing guy somewhere with a box of these toys taking up space in his office.

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It doesn't look that complex. Maybe you could get someone on Etsy Alchemy to make on for you.
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There's a twitter account for the marketer of the Ojo phone, perhaps someone more well versed in Twitter than me could use that to contact them with a link to this post.
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Have you contacted the folks via the "contact us" link on the website and/or spoken to sales and/or corporate? I find that for stories like this, there's a huge PR benefit and very little downside to sending off a box of these things if someone has them. A few contacts I found

Sales: 215-354-5103
Public Relations: 215-354-5103

If you don't have luck that way, you may be able to get the folks at Etsy to make you a total replica, depending on how much of the detail you want [i.e. does it need to say ojo? does it need to have mittens?] I know having a pretty exact replica might be important, but the alchemy people can do some wonderful things.
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I went through my promo catalogs... sadly, no exact matches, but the closest items were this or this, both made by Gibco. If no one gets closer, maybe it's worth contacting them?
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