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I love the new iOS4 capability of making and naming playlists on my ipod touch. I hate when I sync to iTunes on my computer and it wipes them all out. I have iTunes set to 'manually manage music and playlists' for my touch because I add/manage music on my touch from multiple PCs. If I check the checkbox to 'sync selected songs/playlists,' it tells me that all of my music will be wiped out. Is there some way to allow my playlists to be kept on my device and preserve my ability to manually manage music without having to wipe out the entire music library
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You'll only have to wipe out your library once. Supposedly, all of the content on your phone is already on your computer. You can transfer the (purchased) content of your iPhone from your phone to your computer by selecting (in iTunes) File-->Transfer Purchases.

Then when you sync, your music will be wiped out but you'll then be able to move it back from the computer to your iPhone.

For music that you didn't purchase through iTunes and that you also transferred from another computer, you'll have to use a third-party program. Someone else here can probably recommend a good one.
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Oh, you could also try using a program other than iTunes to sync the playlists.
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