I would like to sleep on the dinosaur again, please.
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Can anyone identify this Ontario camping area, based on my slightly spotty recollection of smooth yellowish rocks by the beach and a rock wall bordering my individual campsite?

A few years ago I went camping at the best campsite I've ever found, but I forget where it was. Now I want to go back. Details:

Our individual campsite had a very high rock face- about 3 storeys tall- on one side.
The beach was edged by a large bank of smooth, rounded yellowy-beige rocks that were amazing to lie on- almost like napping on the back of a golden dinosaur.
The water was fairly shallow, very clear, and had clean, light-coloured sand on the beach and on the bottom of the lake. While treading water, I could clearly see objects on the bottom.
The site was in Ontario, and as I recall not a terribly far drive from Toronto.
We were able to park our car on our campsite, and there were public washrooms with plumbing.

Where on earth was this? Could it have been Elora Gorge?

Bonus question: if you know what general campsite it was, do you also know any identifying details that would allow us to book the exact same lot- or at least a lot near the same beach- again?

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Does the map of the campsites look familiar? My other thought was Rockwood (also GRCA).
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The rock wall and water remind me of Bon Echo, but it's been several years since I was there so I'm less sure about the beach camping.
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Could be Awenda it is rocky but there are very few sites with a rock wall and the beach has both smooth and rough rocks, large enough to lay on. Do you remember how you got to the beach? How long the walk was?
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Our campsite with the awesome rock face was very small, kind of a corner lot, and quite close to the beach- probably less than 5 minutes' walk. The beach was pretty small, too- if there had been 40 people on it it might have felt a bit crowded, but we had it all to ourselves and it was idyllic. My friend thinks it might have been near Parry Sound, but he isn't sure.
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You know what, I think it was Killbear! I found it by plugging in all the sites you guys suggested + the word "rocks" into Flickr, and suddenly those beautiful Killbear dinosaur rocks appeared in the Flickr search results. Thanks Hive!
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