We're engaged! Help us find a ring with personality.
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My super-amazing boyfriend is now my super-amazing fiancé! We'd like to take a day trip to Phoenix to look for a vintage, antique, or estate engagement ring. What are your recommendation for places to check out in the greater Phoenix area? Thanks in advance!
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Here's an eBay search of estate jewelry within 10 miles of Phoenix, AZ. You can always approach some of the sellers to see if they have anything that's not on eBay.
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There are several stores in the downtown Glendale area that sell jewelery. I've been through most of them at one time or another and they all offer a diverse selection. Maybe try Matilda's Closet or the shops directly across from the park/library in the center of downtown (sorry, I don't know any names). Regardless, it's just a really fun place to roam around - Try A Touch of European for lunch and Zang's for dinner!
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I second TurquoiseZebra. Glendale has some awesome antique stores that are huge. I also suggest checking out a few antique and pawn shops in Scottsdale. I know there is a stigma with pawn shops, but Scottsdale is a fairly good area and there are a lot of options. I lived in Phoenix a few years ago and Downtown Glendale was one of my favorite areas, especially during the holidays, and Scottsdale pawn shops are not the scary places portrayed in movies.

Good luck and congratulations!
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Response by poster: Thanks, everybody, for your answers--we ended up staying in town and finding a really lovely vintage ring!
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