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I want to learn arabic and live in los angeles. Already graduated college but need some kind of class / structured lessons because I wont learn it on my own time. Any good resources?

I dont think doing anything online will work for me, I need to physically go somewhere in order to keep it up!

Looking at santa monica college, but are there any other private sources?
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Doing a quick google search for Arabic classes Los Angeles turns up a number of results including the Beverly Hills Lingual School.
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Response by poster: Yah I saw that place but didnt get good vibes.

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I'll ask a friend who is a fluent Arabic speaker. I'll get back to you on this.
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Actually, UCLA extension offers classes in Arabic, and they're usually at night (the current session is Tuesday nights from 6-10pm, and they're in person). See here for more details and if that link doesn't work, go to uclaextension.edu, click on Browse Courses, select Languages, and then select Arabic.

UCLA Extension is intended for working adults and community classes so classes are often at night or weekends or whatnot. The fees are steep ($480 for an intro class of 16 sessions) but they do fit your requirements of in-person, classroom setting, and on the west side (you mentioned SMCC; I'm inferring from that).
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OK - my friend indicates that there are a few Coptic churches around L.A. that offer Arabic classes.
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Is there not a small "Arabic" area of the city? In London we have Edgware Road where you can go and the whole place is full of Arabic restaurants, newsagents etc etc. You can start a conversation with anyone around there.
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