What software should I use to create music similar to Baths' “Cerulean”?
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If I wanted to create music (minus the vocals) on a PC similar to Baths' “Cerulean”, what software and VST plugins should I be using?
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Baths uses Ableton. (and participates in Ableton workshops.)
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I am a member of a private website, of which Baths is also a member. I could try and pass along your question to him.
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Response by poster: Please do, then post the answer here.
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I posted it but I think he skipped over it. I will let you know if I can catch his attention.
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Best answer: Directly from the artist:

i don't know what to tell you?
it's not as easy as having the same software,
even the same plug ins...
i use such an amalgamation of different things...
the programs i use are digital performer 5 and ableton live 6 ?

i use a lot of real guitar, bass, piano, vocals, rhythms...
very few synthetic sources.

does that help?

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Response by poster: Thanks for that. I found more info with the tags and related videos watching this: www.youtube.com/watch?v=5cKArf52l2k
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