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Is there a keyboard shortcut to open a pre-existing folder in Windows XP in its own new window?

I tried searching google and here, but the terms are too wide and I'm getting a lot of chaff.

I have my Windows XP "Folder Options" set to "Open each folder in the same window" - which I prefer 95% of the time. However, sometimes, once I get to the folder where I need to be (call this the primary folder), there are several other folders I need to open in their own windows, but basically now I want these secondary folders to "open each folder in its own window" but still keep the primary open as well. Is there a shortcut command I can use to open each folder in its own window? (I don't want to have to go all the way back and open my documents folder and navigate my way there again for each folder I need to have open and I don't want to have to mess with my Folder Options each time.)

To be more clear, I don't want to open a New Folder, just a pre-existing one in the window, but not the same window- I still want the original folder to be open.

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Best answer: If I understand the question correctly, hold down the ctrl key while double-clicking the folder. For purely keyboard commands, select the folder using the keyboard (type first letter of folder name and/or use arrow keys), then hold down ctrl while pressing enter.
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SHIFT + double click opens the "alternate default command", which is to open the folder(s) in new explorer window(s) (the one with the directory tree on the left). It only seems to work once for me though (i.e. once you are in the explorer window, if you do the same thing again, you don't get a new window, even though you should actually get a new normal folder window).
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Response by poster: Thank you idb! I knew there was an easier way!
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