What's the typical pricetag on jet ski excusions?
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We're in Cape Cod, MA, and my friend really wants to rent a jet ski for a few hours. I've done some research online but NONE of the places that offer rentals have any rates posted. What kind of rate should I expect?

I realize I could just start calling places to ask their rates, but I'd prefer to have an idea of what's "standard" going in, so that I can make an informed decision. My friend's on a pretty tight budget, so I don't want him to be taken advantage of due to my ignorance, but I don't want to recommend a place that has suspiciously LOW rates, either.
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Rhode Island Jet Ski Rental/Narragansett Pier Dive Shop charge $150 an hour, $110 for half an hour.

Of course, this sort of thing probably varies with location and season/demand.
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I recently paid $150 for an hour rental in WA; there was also a $500 damage deposit required.
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