Freighting a horse to Banbury Cross from Australia
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Recommendations, personal experiences etc on moving a horse from Australia to UK?

Asking for my wife, who has a young (2-year-old) mare--a dressage/riding horse to be, not a racehorse--in Australia and wants to bring it to the UK. We live in Bicester about 50 miles from London (and about 10 or so from Banbury, hence the title). We know of one company that carries horses from Australia to UK, but are interested in knowing about any more. Also does anyone have any recommendations or personal experiences etc?
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There are many more. If you search for your particular location in the UK you'll typically just find local ground transport. If a company is willing to fly from Australia to UK, it will obviously be prepared drive anywhere within the country to reach you, so don't worry about that. Just search for international horse shipping-- I guess your main problem is Australia vs. UK-based companies. I'd figure out the UK quarantine requirements to see if your horse needs a super facility in either country to wait for a while.

No experience with air transport-- only transcontinental ground. Your horse will be fine! I'd suggest finding an Australian horse forum (big list here), where there's a better chance people will have personal experiences.
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Maybe you could track down somebody associated with the Olympic Equestrian team and ask for advice? I imagine they are already thinking about how to get the horses from Australia to London in 2012. And 2 years ago they had to get the horses from Australia to Hong Kong.
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One place you might got to ask for recommendations is the forums at the Chronicle of the Horse. There are people there that do a lot of air shipping and will probably be able to give you some personal recommendations.

You can do it without a commercial shipper but it's going to be a big pain to coordinate it (passport, ground transport on either end, quarantine, insurance) so it's probably well worth the money to use one. Also the horses typically fly in boxes that hold 2-4 individuals so shipping just one means finding an empty slot. A commercial shipper will do all that for you and will have someone with the horse the entire time that knows it's medical history and all that good stuff.
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Response by poster: Late but grateful. Thanks everybody.
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