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Two weeks in São Paulo. Places to stay?

Two friends are going to São Paulo for two weeks, and they are looking for affordable accommodation. Ideally, a small apartment, but it could be also a hostel or equivalent. Alternative ideas welcome. Central location is important.
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Best answer: I seem to recommend this web site a lot: AirBnB.
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Best answer: There's a website Gringoes.com that is mostly made up of English-speaking Brazilian expats (in Brazil you're basically automatically a gringo if you're a native English speaker, regardless of your nationality or skin color). On their website people post vacation sublets, rooms for rent, stuff like that, so you might want to see if anything aligns with your friends' stay.
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Response by poster: Thanks you guys, my friends ended up finding a friend of a friend's place to rent, but I'll definitely keep those sites in mind next time I need something like this.
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