Googling a non-alphanumeric whatsit
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Give me a fish: What does this symbol mean? )'( Teach me to fish: Is there any way to Google a non-alphanumeric string like that? How about other search engines?

The symbol showed up on a stranger's LiveJournal interest list. Some of the people who list it also list "burning man." Some of the people who list it also list Chinese or Japanese characters, or names of anime shows. Other than that, I can't find any patterns. Really, though, I'm just annoyed that I couldn't Google it and find out for myself where it comes from.
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It's the symbol for Burning Man. Well, a typographic approximation of the real thing (see top of page). It is most definitely not a Chinese/Japanese character.
posted by adamrice at 9:12 AM on March 4, 2005

I don't know what that symbol means, but I can tell you that there is no way to Google for punctuation. I don't know of any search engine that will let you do that.
posted by cerebus19 at 9:12 AM on March 4, 2005 has a search function, but it can't help find moderns signs/logos like that one.
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Looks like the Burning Man logo, for sure.
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I asked a similiar question. The short answer: you can't Google on most non-alphanumerics.
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Here is an example in context. Look at the section dividers.
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Maybe it's my filthy mind, but the first thing that popped into my head when I saw that symbol was, "hmmm... looks like somebody's arse."
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FWIW I've also seen \<>/ used alot for Burning Man.
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Response by poster: (Glad that wasn't just me, madman. But we've already got (_!_) for that...)
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It is not a search engine, but here is the The Unofficial Smiley Dictionary.
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