What are some good sources of information about viral movie marketing?
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What are some good books/sites/etc. about viral movie marketing? Most of the film marketing books I've found so far were printed before viral marketing really became popular.

Any books/sites you can recommend for people getting started in the film business (behind the scenes) would be great, too.
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Scott Kirsner's Fans, Friends and Followers might be along the lines of what you're looking for. There's a 35-page preview on his site.

I caught part of his "conversation" at SXSW with Gary Hustwit (who made Helvetica). It's one of the sessions SXSW is podcasting, and their schedule says it's going up Aug. 30. (There's a section for Film session podcasts, too.)
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Thanks so much for the suggestions! I've ordered Kirsner's book and also happened upon "Think Outside the Box Office" by Jon Reiss, which has been very helpful.
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