A Grisly Discovery
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Does anyone remember this extremely unsettling picture from an urban-exploration photoset? Unpleasant details within.

Some time ago, never mind how long precisely although it must have been a year or more, I came across a set of photos (probably on Flickr?) taken by an inveterate explorer of abandoned places. He lit them very atmospherically with nifty colors and suchlike, as I remember it. But my vicarious innocent trespassing fun came to an abrupt halt when I saw a picture he'd taken of what looked like, from all appearances, the scene of a very gruesome and possibly deadly crime. It was in a walk-in freezer of some sort, and there was blood and a painter's mask and other awful things.

My questions are, first, has anyone else seen this? Second, did anything ever come of it (i.e., was there an investigation)?

(If you're wondering, reading the Millennium Trilogy and a book on classifying criminology I picked up a few days ago brought this to mind.)
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This is what comes to mind. Maybe?

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Response by poster: Nope, but I thank you for reminding me of that. It's weirdly fascinating if it's, say, George Mallory frozen into the rock on Mt. Everest; it's a little disturbing if the body is of an ordinary, luckless person in a regularly traversed building and nobody thinks to tell the police.

More details: I think the picture I saw was in a photoset taken in an abandoned military base. It wasn't staged or a "figurative," "arty" crime scene--it looked like the explorer had come across a set from "Saw," only undeniably real. The paint mask (don't know what these are actually called; they protect from fumes) convinced me. You don't think of details like that unless you are actually committing the crime or accidentally stumble across where it occurred. There may have been a bloody handprint, too, although I could be confusing it now with "Firestarter." It just shook me, and I'd like some resolution, or at least to confirm my recollections. Maybe it isn't to be, though. I've spent the last few hours on-and-off searching and am no closer than when I posted the question.
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One avenue is to go to the paranormal board, /x/, on 4chan, and ask around. They love this stuff and would likely have someone there who would have seen this image.
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This sounds a bit like a prank. Are you sure it wasn't staged?
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Response by poster: Well, I've finally found the pictures in question. Successful query: "urban exploration blood walls" in Google Images.

They're much smaller than I remember, and quite a bit less bloody. Voila.

If it was a hoax, it was a very competent one.
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