Rice Cake-Induced Scurvy
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My diet pretty much revolves around rice cakes. They're easy, quick, crunchy, and kind of tasty. What are some things I can put on them to get a bit more variety and nutrition, beyond my usual staples of cream cheese and cheddar?

The quicker the better, but I could occasionally put some time into preparing things in advance. Also, I am not a big fan of sweet things like preserves or honey. Lastly, I eat rice cakes for breakfast and dinner almost every day, and I am not a picky eater at all (just kind of lazy), so any type of food goes.
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peanut butter
artichoke and spinach dip
deli meat
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I love cream cheese with marmite/vegemite - but of course that depends if you like it or not. Other yummy things to put on top of cream cheese include gherkins/pickles, and sliced jalapenos. I also sometimes have tuna mayo on rice cakes, or ham and pickle. Smoked salmon and cream cheese would make an haute cuisine rice cake. Try other cheeses too - goat's cheese with roasted peppers or sundried tomatoes would be delicious, as would brie and sliced grapes.
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Oh! For breakfast - quick scrambled eggs.
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It involves prep, but bruschetta would be nice. You can make a bunch on the weekend and it will last through the week no problem.
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i am similar, but with english muffins! here are my combos:

slice of tomato + fried egg + cheddar

cream cheese + spinach leaves

avocado slices + salt + pepper

brie + pear slices

cheddar + apple slices

ham slice + lettuce leaf + cheddar
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For some variety, you might appreciate Wasa Crackerbread Lighter and fluffier than Crispbread (though that's pretty good too) kind of like a sheet of puffed cheeto material without cheese powder. Just as light and crunchy as Rice Cakes, but thinner so two slices can be used in lieu of bread for sandwich-like constructions.

My favorite toppings lately are
goat cheese with jalapeno jelly and
provalone cheese with (turkey) pepperoni slices, drizzled with Balsamic reduction
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Mashed avocado and a seasoning you like. I use this.
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They can be used sort of like granola. Try crumbling them into a bowl and serve with yogurt and fruit.
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Oh man, a poached, soft-boiled, or over-easy egg sounds lovely. A little salsa or guacamole wouldn't hurt.
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Pesto, olive tapenade.
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I am a big fan of rice cakes with almond butter (and sometimes a tiny sprinkling of kosher salt). Just a little bit of almond butter goes a long way for me, whereas I need a lot of peanut butter to feel satisfied. Cashew butter is also delicious.
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I like the chocolate flavoured ones -- and top them with peanut buttter and banana slices.
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