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What are good headphones for people with mild hearing loss?

My son is 12 and has trouble hearing higher pitches. He also loves music and i was looking for some good headphones (not in the ear earphones) that might work better than bog standard headphones.
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Perhaps this previous AskMe thread will help.
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Best answer: Koss PortaPro - they're small and won't completely envelop a small head - but they have a much wider frequency response than most headphones, at 15Hz-25kHz.

Buy two, because after listening to them, you'll want some too.
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Amazon link
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What kind of music does he like? Are these headphones primarily for use at home/at the computer, or will he be running around outside with them hooked-up to an iPod? How much do you want to spend?

The PortaPro's are good. The Koss KSC75 are surprisingly good, and fairly painless to replace at $13 if damaged by roughhousing.

If boosting the volume of certain frequencies would help with your son's hearing loss, you might want to look at equalizers. Most iPods have built-in equalization settings, but they're not very customizable. Koss makes a portable eq box, which could help with iPod listening.

If your son has his own MP3 collection, you could also experiment with modifying the frequency response of the MP3's themselves. You could play around with a few files in Audacity until you find frequency settings that sound good to your son, then batch process all his files.
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Best answer: I have some hearing loss and am deaf in one ear, and have both the Koss porta pros and Sennheiser 250s for noise canceling on the move. I would recommend both. I'm a huge music lover and it took me a long time to find something that worked for me!
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I don't know why you don't want in the ear headphones, but let me make a mild pitch for them. Becasue they provide a fairly high level of soundproofing, there is less of a tendency to turn them up real loud. My kids tended to turn it down a bit with IEMs, especially when compared to open air headphones like the porta-pros. doesn't go to your question about existing hearing loss, but may help minimize future loss.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the answers, I have ordered the Koss PortaPro, two pair in fact. Rtimmel, my son wears hearing aids at school and prefers to have a break from having things stuck in his ears all day. His audiologist recommended some in the ear models for the exact reasons you stated though. Thanks all.
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