Looking for cool neck band in Rochester, NY
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Looking to buy a "Cool Neck Band" tomorrow in Rochester, NY. Possible?

I want to get something like this before Saturday afternoon. It's not so desperately urgent that I want to shell out for shipping and handling, but if I can find one in the Rochester, NY area, I will drive out to get one.

I tried doing a search for "cool neck band" at the various local sports and camping stores and am coming up blank.

Any suggestions?
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i see these neckbands at walgreens all the time. not the same style, but the same function.
posted by QuakerMel at 9:09 PM on July 8, 2010

You may want to search under "Cool Ties."
posted by BlahLaLa at 9:33 PM on July 8, 2010

another product name - I have a couple of these that are the brand "cooldanna" - which you can find on Amazon. Hope it helps.
posted by lemniskate at 9:27 AM on July 9, 2010

Motorcycle shops often have them.
posted by workerant at 10:50 AM on July 9, 2010

Response by poster: I went to Walgreens, and a few other drug stores in the area, and didn't find any. I also tried a Home Depot - nothing.

looks like it's amazon.com for me, in the future. Thanks for the ideas, though!
posted by Lucinda at 10:31 PM on July 9, 2010

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