Ads that use text messaging lingo?
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Can you point me to any commercials or print ads available online that use text messaging or instant messaging lingo? Along the lines of this.
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I don't know if this counts, but these sorts of signs have popped up around Canberra, Australia.
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There's the idk, my bff jill ad that spawned a mini-meme.
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crawl through
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There were print ads for gossip girl that used OMFG in big text.
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Mac's, a chain of convenience stores in Canada, ran an ad campaign using WTF? to advertise its new bilious yellow flavour of Froster (like a Slurpee). Mac's later said WTF? was supposed to stand for "What's that flavour?" Yeah, right. Anyway, it caused some controversy and a lot of the ads are no longer on YouTube, but here are a few [they're all completely bizarre and the Spleenminton one is not for the queasy, duh]:


Witch Doctor

Fur Ball

Also, I love that Australian don't-text-while-driving sign that barnacles linked to.
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I'm a copywriter so I pay quite close attention to ads, and this recent one for Renault immediately springs to mind: OMG and LOL as standard. Not my photo, for the record.

It was displayed near my office for quite a while and it always used to boggle my mind. I just couldn't work out why anyone would want their car to produce LOLs - perhaps they're chuckling with satisfaction at owning such a fine French car?

But it always seemed to me that the ad was describing the reaction provoked in others, and I don't think most people would want to be laughed at as they cruised through the mean streets of London.

If I think of any others, I'll let you know.
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Actually, I've just remembered another for an online clothes retailer which I saw at a bus stop near my house. It featured a picture of a woman in a (fairly unappealing) dress with the copy "OMG where did you get that DRESS?" or something to that effect.

A quick google doesn't throw it up, but here's an article I found from Wired which discusses the phenomenon: OMG! STFU! Ludicrous text speak in London adverts.
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