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My girlfriend likes the way guy pants fit her, but it's hard to find guy pants in her size: 28 waist and 31/32 long. Are there any places online or any brick-and-mortar stores that would carry these?
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Some of your higher end designer jeans (specifically thinking of 7's) all come with a set inseam of around 34", regardless of waist. You could get those and hem them?
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every store that sells pants should have 28/32. Are you sure you wrote that correctly?
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Check under "young men," or maybe just men.
I have several pairs of straight-leg skinny boy jeans, all of which are either 28/29x32.
Also they're often on sale. Good Luck!
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Yeah, you should be able to find those pretty easily - no need to go the fancy jeans route. That's my size and I've never had trouble.
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Yeah, not seeing the problem here. For example.
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Response by poster: I guess this is a case of us not doing enough research. We looked at target, aeropostale, kohls, and other places and did not find them, so I thought there must be some place special to look.
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That's my size as well, and pants with these dimensions occur rarer than you'd think... Places like Gap and Old Navy do not carry a 28 waist at all in store. I've had some luck with H&M -- usually I resort to ebay.
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she might also try (at different stores, because they're all different) a cut of women's jeans called "boyfriend cut". i thought i only like men's pants until i found the right boyfriend jean.
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They used to be more common, but I have noticed that 28's are going the way of the dodo and the smallest men size you can find some places is 30.
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My SO wears 28 waist pants and it's not always easy to find them in stores. The big winners for him: Uniqlo, Urban Outfitters, and Ben Sherman. Levi's used to have them in stores but I think they've since been relegated to online only. H&M is hit or miss for small men's clothing sizes.
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I've also noticed that 30 is the adult male waist cutoff in a lot of stores. Definitely take a look in young men's sections (where the sizing system is often different), and at sizing guides. Here's Kohl's.

Unfortunately, young men's pants are sometimes cut differently from men's, so that's something to look out for as well.
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Banana Republic has great clothes and tends to have stuff on the slim side of things, so you shouldn't have any trouble finding 28s there. Affording their prices may be another thing altogether though!
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Yeah, any hipster jeans should come in that size no problem. I used to date a woman who wore mens Diesel jeans exclusively because she loved the way they fit her. She was a 28.

I think the problem is that you're looking at "mainstream" retailers who have succumbed to the widening of the American ass.
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Lucky Brand Jeans will have what you want! Even the outlet always carries 28 or 29!
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28's don't exists at a lot of the big box stores, mall chains, and other such places. It's really really really annoying. Don't expect to see them at J Crew, Banana Republic, and other such places. I really wish Express carried them but they don't. Forever 21 USE to carry 28 but their big flagship stores don't seem to. H&M tends to carry 28s. Some of the big department stores might carry a 29 or 28. Levi's does make them and will send them along to Kohl's, JC Penny's, etc but they are few and far between.

I know that the more high end the jeans, the more options you have. They won't carry a length 31 but they should a 32 or a 34. And, like all pants, don't be afraid of a 34 length. If it fits in the waist, buy it and take the jeans to a tailor to get properly hemmed. I've bought many 28x34 and I have them hemmed down to a 28x29.

And if you make a trek out to NYC, go to Uniqlo and BUY BUY BUY. They carry plenty of 28x32 in stock.
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American Eagle carries waist sizes as small as 26 online. I think you can probably find 28s and up in the stores.
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Are there any boutiques in your area that cater to Asian males?

Even in box stores and boutiques that purportedly carry these sizes, they seem to be sold out right away. Maybe try going on a shopping spree at the very beginning of the season.
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The stores that carry that size will likely run out quickly, but if you're able to find one pair to check the fit, you may be able to buy more from the store's website, or they may be able to check the stock at other nearby locations and have them held for you.
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Places like Gap and Old Navy do not carry a 28 waist at all in store.

This is not true, I am wearing 28 inch waist pants I bought in a Gap store right now.
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Uniqlo do great jeans, sized by waist and inseam. Possibly by dint of their being Japanese, they also carry smaller men's sizes, although this might be an in-store only thing.
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Response by poster: CBS interview with double rainbow guy
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Response by poster: Ug. I posted that in the wrong thread. sorry.
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