Congratulations! You're a Grandpa!
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GrandpaFilter: I just found out that I'm pregnant and would like to break the news to my stepfather in the form of a gift... specifically, a book.

I'm going up to visit my parents later this month and my mother (who already knows about the pregnancy) thought it would be nice to surprise her husband - she suggested I give him a book about grandfathers.

I think this is a wonderful idea and would like to find the perfect book in which I can write the perfect sappy inscription. Fathers/Grandfathers/Gift Buyers of MetaFilter, please hope me!

[Note: It should be mentioned ahead of time that the man is a bit of a "book tourist" and won't necessarily read the book, or at least not the entirety of it. It's the thought that counts here.]
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The Little Big Book for Grandfathers looks just about perfect: stories, poems, stuff to build, and so on.
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We got this as a gift from one of our parents when we had our kids....but how you're planning on giving it probably makes more sense. - What Grandpas Do Best
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You could buy him a picture book that he may be able to read to the child someday in the future.

These two are both cute:

The Grandpa Book by Todd Parr

Grandpa and Me by Karen Katz
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I know these aren't everyone's cup of tea, but is he a Chicken Soup for the Grandparent's Soul type of person?

Be careful if you're buying a kids book about grandparents. My daughter was given one about a grandpa bear and a grandson bear but grandpa died at the end, and I bawled my eyes out every time I read it. (It was a lovely book for it's purpose - to teach kids about death - but my heart sank every time she picked it, I just KNEW I was going to end up sobbing with tears dripping off my chin while she giggled at me.)

And congratulations!
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Seconding the Little Big Book for Grandfathers...we have the Dads one and grandparents have the Grandmother one and we all love them---artwork is beautiful and the diversity of stuff inside the books is great. It's got sentimentality and timelessness all through it, and is a regular request from the kiddo. In fact, the Dads one that we have is secondhand with an inscription from a grandmother to a soon-to-be dad for Christmas. Very neat.
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There is a horrible one written by Billy Crystal. Avoid that one.
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