Dublin, Ireland and New York City: help me find some good record and used cd shops
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I need some record store recommendations for Dublin (Ireland) and NYC.

I'm flying to Ireland next week for work. I have a 7-hour layover at JFK and thought it might be fun to travel into NYC and go record store hopping. I haven't been there in 10+ years but St. Mark's used to be the place to go. I did read the older threads here about NYC record stores, but know from experience that record stores are on the endangered lists, and alot of them disappear every year.

Once I'm in Ireland I'd like to find some record shops there as well. I'll be in Dublin for a few days, I figure I'll have the best luck there (but will also be in Dingle, Cork, and Shannon).

I love the small mom-and-pop stores. I love digging through piles of stuff looking for a gem. My main interests are new wave punk and post-punk from the 80's, and current indie stuff. I collect mostly cd's but do buy vinyl occasionally, especially for older releases that never made it to cd.

And finally, would love to find a place to eat when I need to take break, so if you have any food recommendations in these same areas where the stores are, I'm all ears. I am a carnivore but am not vegetable-averse.

Thanks very much. This is my first metafilter post!
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In NYC, check out Other Music!
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Downtown Music Gallery.
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I've recommended them before, and I'll recommend them now: when in Dublin, hit Claddagh Records in Temple Bar.

In Cork, make your way to Ossian, but I hear Plugd records on Washington St. is pretty good too.
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In NYC, check out Other Music, Kim's (if it's still open) and Turntable Lab. If you make it across the bridge to billyburg, check out Academy and Ear Wax
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In Dublin, Road Records on Fade St is good but pricey for current indie stuff.

The Soundcellar on Nassau St is the "original rock basement": metal, mostly.
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Thanks for these recommendations, everybody! Can't wait to try them out.
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Four year old list for Dublin with some comments in the more recent years / days (latest comment at time of posting: 13 days ago). I've ordered stuff from All City, as they have their own label with good stuff (hip-hop / beat-oriented stuff).

Another couple Discogs International Record Store Index threads: Manhattan, NYC and Brooklyn, NYC.

Lazy suggestion: Google map for new york city record stores - I make no claim about the accuracy of those results.
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In New York, Generation Records
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I came in to recommend Generation Records, too.
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