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Can anyone recommend a swimming spot within a hour and a half drive of Toronto? (that will allow our elderly dog). One that wouldn't be overly crowded on a week day? I burn pretty easily, so some shade would be great, too.

I know we could go to the T.O. islands but the water doesn't seem all that clean and I was wondering if anybody knew of a better spot. Ideally, it would be on a smaller, cottage-type lake but I'm open to other ideas if the water is clean and dogs are allowed.
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Sunset Beach Park at Wilcox Lake, off Yonge St. in Aurora. There is a place to the side of the main swimming area where you can take your dog in (or at least where people regularly take their dogs in -- I don't know the official policy on dogs).
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How about Barrie? They've got lots of beaches, and some appear to allow dogs.
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Rice Lake.

You can go to the tiny (and I mean tiny) Harwood Beach or the more substantial (but still pretty damn small) Bewdley Beach.

It's a cottage country lake, but neither of these are particularly cottage-y beaches. Anyone else there will be a local, which means it won't be crowded.

Plus, you'll be able to say that you hung out where some guy from metafilter spent basically every summer afternoon of his childhood.
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Sorry, that second link should be this.
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Thanks for the suggestions everyone! I'm leaning towards Harwood Beach at the moment. I just need to double check that dogs will be ok.
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...and any other suggestions would still be very welcome.
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When I was a kid we went to some beaches on Toronto island that I remember being quite nice. I seem to recall the name of one of them being Handlen's point or similar. However I believe it is now a clothing optional beach- there are several others on the island however.
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