Personal experiences with Balloon Sinuplasty surgery?
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Has anyone had Balloon Sinuplasty surgery to treat otherwise unsolvable sinus issues?


I've been suffering severe sinus issues on a daily basis over the last seven months. Constant pressure in my nose, tons of mucus, fatigue, and the general foggy-headedness that being sick brings.

Presumably, these issues were a result of the extreme allergy conditions this year. My doc and ENT went through the gamut of fixes-- allergy meds, steroids, and antibiotics. Nothing has helped much! A CT scan revealed no infection, but my ENT said that it looked like I had very thin openings in my upper sinuses which might be causing the pressure and related problems. He suggested that Balloon Sinuplasty surgery might be the next step.

I know that it's a very new procedure and from what I've read it's quick, easy to perform, and minimally invasive. Has anyone had any personal experiences with this surgery? Has it helped solve your sinus issues? Has it caused any problems? There's not a ton of information out there, so I'd love to hear from you all!
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