Structuring an idea database online
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I'm looking for a way of structuring an idea database online (a few hundred entries, at most) that will allow several users to add entries, tag them, add commentary and upload files specific to each entry. What am I looking for here?
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A blog? Honestly, other than file upload (by commentators) your standard Wordpress install does all this.
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I set up just for that purpose... it's a wiki for ideas.

If that's not your solution (you want privacy, etc)... get MediaWiki, or some other wiki.
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What kind of files?
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Response by poster: Jaltcoh: Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign and all kinds of pictures in different formats.

I was considering a wiki, but hoping there was a ready service out there somewhere. If nothing else shows up, I'll build a wiki.
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Can you give more detail about the kinds of ideas, how they would be related to each other (i.e. would a taxonomy or other hierarchical/categorical scheme make sense), and how many entries, and comments, there would eventually be?
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A wiki would work well for this. I like DokuWiki. If you're looking for something a little quicker to set up, you could probably use Google Sites.
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If you don't care about looks, bug tracking dbs (like Trac and kin) are built for this. They allow

* comments
* file attachments
* ordering of priority
* tagging
* search
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Response by poster: amtho: To start with, all ideas would be a single line of text. Further explanations, links and files could be added by the poster in the comment section. There is not a great deal of interaction between the entries, so tagging would be, in my mind, sufficient for linking related entries to each other. I strongly doubt we will ever reach a thousand entries, and I imagine the number of comments, with a few exceptions, to be roughly the same as that of a well composed mefi FPP - less than 20.
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To me, this sounds like a job for a Basecamp site.
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Are you going to eventually act on these ideas, or just store them for reference? If your ideas might morph into projects, gregglind has the answer. Personally I would suggest Trac - It does all you want (tagging with keywords included) and is super easy to setup and use.
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