Link to OS project to "tether" iPhone?
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I recall seeing an open-source project for the iPhone which allowed you to share your iPhone's internet connection with a computer, i.e. "tether". It's not as easy as, um, "proper" iPhone tethering. Also, you must a paid-up iPhone Developer to compile and install it to your phone. But otherwise, yay. But I can't find it anymore. Believe me, I have googled. Ring a bell for anyone?
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Hmm... not open source (I don't think) but one of the big apps for tethering is PDANet.
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You can tether your iPhone if you jailbreak it. The method in which to do this will vary depending on your version of the iPhone and it's OS.
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Nope, this was not dependent on jailbreak.
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Probably iProxy
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Sounds like iProxy
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I believe AT&T's new data plans allow you to tether for a monthly fee of $25(?). You can also tether with a jail-broken phone using an app called MyWi, which has a 1-week free demo and then costs $10 for a permanent license. I have MyWi on my iPhone 3G and it does a pretty good job--it mimics a wireless router so it's easy to connect to and the speed you get isn't bad either (a little slower than cable). But I think it only allows one connection at a time, it makes my phone run pretty hot and also uses up lots of battery. (It was stop-gap for when I moved and didn't have cable for a few days, so I haven't used it much beyond that.)
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It was possible to install the tethering profile on unlocked iPhones up through iOS 3.1.2--the profile is basically a tiny configuration file; some people figured out what an AT&T tethering profile would look like if it existed, and created that. It worked exactly the same as official tethering would work.

This was never worked out for iOS 3.1.3; it may get worked out for iOS 4. I believe that if you're running 3.1.2 and surf over to on your phone, you can install the profile directly; it would also be installed as part of some unlock processes.
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Sorry -- I missed the "OS" part of that...
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The PDANet link (first post!) gave me the magic words: socks proxy. That led me to the previously elusive iphone-socks-proxy. Had not seen iProxy ("Double prizes! Let's go home and play.") One of those seems like it should work.

Awesome work gang. AskMeFi comes through again.
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FWIW, I wouldn't know anything about the pre-3.1.3, no-jailbreak ipcc tether hack (*ahem* awesome *ahem*). For now it won't work on an iPhone 4.
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The IPCC hack is really the way to go for true tethering. Try visiting on your iphone.
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