How can I make my cheeks less big?
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I'm not overweight, but want to make my cheeks less big. How can I do this?
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Kinda need more information.

At the very least do you mean butt cheeks or face cheeks?
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Um.... which cheeks?

And you can't really lose weight in one part of your body, there's no such thing as spot-training. You'd just have to lose weight overall. Though if it's your face cheeks, then it might just be the shape of your face, and there might not be much you can do about it, sorry!
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Buccal fat pad extraction is the usual surgical route. I have no idea if Zeltiq's CoolSculpting is approved for faces, but it is a non-surgical cryoliposis procedure — generally put, a precise temperature kills off fat cells before it kills off other stuff you do want.
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Well if it's the lower part of your cheeks that you don't like, you could always get buccal fat pad removal surgery.

But I wouldn't recommend it. I have fat cheeks too, even when I'm skinny. I talked to my plastic surgeon, but he warned me against it, saying I'd be "very happy to have that extra fat on my face" when I got older.
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Actually the weight isn't the issue, probably. What might be is your ratio of fat to muscle.

I would recommend you exercise-or if you already exercise, step it up-and then watch your intake of simple carbs. I think you'll be pleased.
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If you're talking about facial cheeks, mine got less chubby when I had my wisdom teeth removed. But they needed to come out for dental reasons, it wasn't a cosmetic thing.
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A formerly-overweight friend swears that the thinness/thickness of his face is related to his water intake. I take it with a grain of salt, considering some of his other opinions on weight gain/loss, etc., so absolutely DO NOT DEHYDRATE YOURSELF TO TRY THIS OUT. Just something to think about if you possibly drink too much water.

Regulating carbs is probably a much more effective and much safer bet.
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I'm an older woman, and have always had chubby cheeks, since I was a baby. I hated them! BUT: now that I'm approaching 50 and see people like Madonna going all Madame without Wayland and paying big bucks for it, I'm glad I had the chubby cheeks.

My face has lengthened and isn't as round as it was when I was younger, but no one guesses my age from my face (my hair, yes since I let it go gray to juxtapose with my 'young' face).

Makeup can provide contouring, but don't undo what nature gave you -- you'll be the youngest-looking one at your 30th high school reunion!
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Oh man. Getting rid of my Charlie Brown cheeks used to be my vanity holy grail. I don't hate my overall weight; my face is just really round and soft.

Things that make a difference:

- bloat. Watching the water/salt/carbohydrate balance. My face is slimmer when I'm dehydrated or drinking tons of caffeine, but that's not exactly a sustainable way to look pretty. So I drink lots of water, a moderate amount of caffeine, and try not to eat too much junk.

- exercise. Intense runs or other serious cardio seems to have a flushing effect on my whole body.

- weight. Sadly, I have to lose a lot - like 10% of my not-overweight weight - before it starts making a reliable difference in my face. By that time, the rest of me looks emaciated and weird. So losing weight works, but not particularly well in context.

Basically, there's no real way to make a big difference without affecting other parts of your body - other than surgery. I suggest embracing it and looking forward to how well your face will age, instead.
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Oh, another non-surgical spot procedure you could try is the Zerona laser. I would make it or Zeltiq my first stop before buccal fat pad extraction. One of the plastic surgeons I had discussed how he spent some time cleaning up buccal fat pad extractions gone wrong, as they are, apparently, easy to mess up.
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Response by poster: Kinda need more information.

At the very least do you mean butt cheeks or face cheeks?

Face cheeks. Sorry.
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I have fat cheeks. When I was younger, I was self-concious about this. Sometimes I still am. But overall, I've come to accept that different faces look different and I feel OK about it. People are are happy to go on dates with me and my fat cheeks. My friends and family love me and my fat cheeks. I get jobs with my fat cheeks. So one approach to consider is working to accept the face that your genetics and random luck provided you.
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After about 3 months anaerobic exercise worked for me, specifically fartleks. The problem is if you quit for more than a few weeks it reverses pretty quickly (month or two). Being able to hold my breath for 5 minutes was cool though.
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You say that you are not overweight, but are you actually slender?
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Hello, I'll be your contrarian today.

I'm not overweight, but want to make my cheeks less big.

I'm guessing you are objectively overweight, but do not subjectively look overweight. Many, many people look at themselves and go, "I'm not overweight. I look fine." And you probably do. When actually ... you I'm betting you could probably lose another 10 or so.

As my doctor likes to say, go look at photos of men from the 20s and 30s. See if you can find lots of guys you'd describe as "big boned." Even the famous "fat guy" from that era isn't terribly fat.

Finally ... it may just be genes. Devon Aoki is rail thin with huge chipmunk cheeks.
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I think you're pretty well stuck with them unless you get deathly ill and they sink in (not good!). Why not make the most of them and smile more? Maybe it will tone your face muscles and they'll shrink a teeny bit.
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I think you should just embrace it. I am in a similar position, with a BMI of 19 and thus not objectively overweight. I have always had big cheeks. At one point I lost over 20 lbs and they were still there, only slightly smaller - I just carry some weight in my face, it's my natural shape.

I was really self-conscious about it for a long time but finally got over it. Like others have pointed out, older women spend lots of money to inject fat into their cheeks. Most people consider fat cheeks cute, and sometimes even sexy (like Miranda Kerr). I decided to just accept my face and it doesn't bother me much anymore.
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