Anyone have experience with PC-based alarm clock software?
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Does anyone have any first-hand experience with PC-based alarm clock software? I'm looking particularly for something that allows any number of alarms to be set, preferably on a schedule. Additionally, I need one that - this is key - unmutes the computer if it is muted. Bonus points if it integrates with iTunes playlists.

This is sort of a follow-up to the favorite alarm clock question from a couple of weeks ago. I'm looking for Windows software, though Mac ideas are also welcome.
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Best answer: This alarm clock I wrote does everything but unmutes the computer. If you'd like I could add that feature over the weekend.
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I had iTunes Alarm for my Mac but haven't been able to find something like it for PC.

If you could rig something up, that would be AWESOME.
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Response by poster: null terminated - that's awesome.

One question -- fade from 0% to 100% -- is that from 0% to 100% of SET volume or to 100% of absolute volume? Ok, two questions -- does it work with iTunes 4.7?
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null terminated - does your program only work with iTunes, or could it work with some other media player?
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Response by poster: One more question... Does the app have to remain open to be active, or is there some sort of behind-the-scenes service that it talks to?
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Response by poster: Nevermind, I answered my own question... it minimizes to the system tray but the close button on the panel actually closes the app.
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socratic: that's 0-100 of the set volume. The app needs to remain open, but can sit in the tray.

It only works with iTunes and should work with 4.7. (It only works with iTunes because of how it integrates with the iTunes playlists)

I'll do the mute thing over the weekend and post back here when it's done.
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Response by poster: You know, it's a constant source of confusion that iTunes essentially gives me two independent volume settings... I have the system volume and iTunes volume... so 100% volume in iTunes isn't necessarily 100% volume, and 100% volume in iTunes isn't always the same volume.

I can't decide whether that's bad design or not.

(I think I just threadjacked myself..)
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Since you're running windows, you don't need an alarm clock, you can just (ab) use the task scheduler. I used to do this, using MP3 music as my alarm. You can schedule just about anything to be started, tell it to repeat, automatically exclude weekends if you desire, etc etc). I would assume there would be no problem in linking the mute-off function to something you can call in the scheduler, but I haven't tried that.
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