Snake Brand prickly heat powder in NYC?
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Where can I find (and buy) Snake/St. Luke's Brand Prickly Heat Powder in NYC?

If you've ever tried it, you'll know why I'm asking. It's been over 100 degrees F lately and this stuff is soothing, minty coolness in a groovy rectangular can - cheap.
I've found it at one of the huge Asian supermarkets next to each other on 45th Ave between 82nd and 83rd in Elmhurst, Queens - not the Hong Kong Supermarket, the other one - I think it's called New York Supermarket.
But Elmhurst is deep into Queens and I live one stop out of Manhattan and I need my Prickly Heat Powder, bad! I gave away mine as a birthday present.
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I cannot tell you for sure, but print out a picture of the can and show it to clerks at the following Manhattan Chinatown establishments:

New Kah Man market on canal between mulberry & mott
Hong Kong Supermarket on Elizabeth and Hester
Udom's Corp Thai Grocery on Bayard between Mullberry & Mott
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I actually asked friends from Bangkok and Melbourne to send me some - and now I have too much! If you want one of them, let me know and I'll mail it to you.

Yes! It works wonders!
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Response by poster: Great idea, Jon_Evil, to print out a picture. Thanks.

HeyAllie, that is such a kind offer! I might take you up on it if I can't find it anywhere...
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Response by poster: I ended up going to Elmhurst after all, and they had the big cans at the NY Supermarket.
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