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Does DC have cool collectives/sharing groups?

I *loved* this New York mag article on collectives/shares. But it's only for New York. Any ideas on pickle/crafting/bike repair/etc. "new collectives" in DC?
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HacDC, The Bike House, D.C. Writers Group, Mount Pleasant Solar Cooperative, the community gardens (list now slightly out-of-date), DC Dance Collective, City Garden Co-op, and a good number of childcare co-ops (e.g.) come to mind.
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If you can't find anything out there to your liking, start something. I know it sounds like a goofy answer, but as the founder of two things in that list (Ice Cream Club and Brooklyn Brainery) it's really not as hard as you think. Do these things!:

1) Find something that interests you, then learn a bunch more about it. You're priming yourself for your first impression with everyone you sucker into coming to your first meeting - I've fumbled this one a few times when starting things, being prepared and seeming halfway knowledgeable is really useful for getting people to come back a second time.

2) Slap together a half-decent tumblr and pop some posts on it. In my opinion, a nice web site is the best (and quickest) way to gain legitimacy with the world at large.

3) Publicize! Craigslist can get some results, but old-fashioned flyering works way better than one would think. Also hit up local blogs to try to spread the word.

If the group you're looking to join doesn't exist, it's only because no one's risen up to organize everyone. People out there are interested in everything. Absolutely everything, times a million. It just might end up to be your job to help them come together.
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