Keeping Up With the Jim Joneses
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What steps would I need to take if I wanted to start a cult?

So let's assume I'm already really charismatic. I'm not looking to have all my followers commit mass suicide or anything; I just want them as foot soldiers to do my bidding, provide me with all their wealth and worldly possessions, worship me, and grant me the opportunity to sleep with all their wives. The basics.

Where would I start (i.e., I was thinking AA meetings)? What kind of accommodations would I have to consider (i.e., property taxes for my compound)?
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Oh yay. I'm in. I want to be your #2.

Well, I think you need to start with a website actually. One with manifesto text, that promises people good things. But mysteriously. You'll find more lonely people online than you will in 12 step meetings.

Basically you can go two roads--super crazy, like Scientology (aliens!), or like The Family (like Christianity, just slightly different).

And then register as a church and nonprofit. Warning: this is laborious! And boring! And you need to file annual reports. But it's not that hard. Congratulations, you're a messiah!
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You could reverse-engineer your paradigm from something like the Cult Danger Evaluation Frame, a rundown of the traits of cults that's been floating around Pagan circles for decades.
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