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Please recommend your favorites websites or blogs about remodeling or building a custom home.

I really want to build a custom home some day. I want to work with an architect to design a home and then hire someone to build it for me. I would love to read blogs or websites related to these topics. My taste is contemporary/modern, but I am open to lots of ideas. I am really interested in all aspects of the process. I currently live in Arizona, but the sites do not have to be about Arizona.
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" A House By The Park is a first-hand chronology of the design, planning, and construction of a modern home in Seattle"

I like this one because of the level of detail and the transparency from the owner. He details all the costs and really gets into how he made his choices
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We just moved into our new custom-built home, and while in the planning/decision stages, I found the That Home Site! forums invaluable. It's full of inspiration, ideas, and advice from all levels and areas. Best of luck in achieving your dream home! It's a lot of work (and money!), but totally worth it in the end.
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Both of those are helpful. I would appreciate recommendations for resources that are not on the web as well.
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The Perfect $100,000 House chronicles her coast-to-coast search for just that: a well-built, intelligently designed, reasonably priced, decent-size house with at least a little curb appeal.
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Also, from the energy perspective, I've been reading all the articles and listening to the podcasts on at greenbuildingadvisor.
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I'm currently working with an architect and contractor to build a custom home in Vermont. Some of the blog entries at Asa Burton's Ghost document the experience, which is just starting. It's not as thorough as the one Crashback linked, but I'm learning as I go.
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