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Easiest way to level sand?

Got the pool walls up and realized I needed more sand. Got a buddy with a Bobcat and he helped me get a truckload of sand inside the pool, now I need to level it out.

What would be the best (and easiest) way to level 4 tons of sand inside a circular tube?
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Get in there with a shovel and rake, and do a rough cut of it. Next step is called screeding. You want to get yourself a level guide on either side of the hole. 2x4s are best, but you can use twine if need be.

In the case of 2x4s, you install them long-ways and level, and then shimmy a 2x4 across them in a perpendicular direction, dragging the high spots into the valleys. With twine, you carefully keep the 2x4 just under the twine doing the same.
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If I'm understanding the situation correctly traditional screeding is not going to work because the pool has a convex bottom.

Like bfranklin says the rough cut will be a rake and shovel. Your next step would be to use a darby float (basically a 2-3' 2x4 with a handle) to knock down the high spots and fill the valleys.

Honestly if this was me I would be going to the day labor pick-up near me and getting a crew of three guys who will be able to knock this out before lunch instead of spending two or three days trying to go it solo.
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what bfranklin and bango skank said. Also, depending on how thick the layer of sand will be, 1" electrical conduit is very rigid and makes a good screed guide if your sand will be less than 1" thick.
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ah, but if I assume you are doing the flat bottom of a cylinder, 2x4s or twine will be easier to make into a custom form.
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