Where does the Humber River trail goto???
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Toronto people: How far does the Humber bike/walking path go north/northwest?

So, I live downtown Toronto, and about a month ago, I found the connection trail from the top of the first leg of the Humber bike path up near Wilson.

I hadn't meant to be out too long that day, but figured it can't go on too long, so just kept doing. I turned back after another 10-12km thinking of the ride back.

Here's the path I took:

Does anyone know how much further I can take that bike path? I can't seem to find a map for this anywhere, which seems ridiculous, as there were blue signs that I'm pretty sure are maintained by someone that labeled it as Humber Route 15 North. (I think that's the one I was following anyhow, was a while ago.)

I'd like to ride it to it's end, or maybe take transit out to a point near its other end, and ride back into the city from there if possible.
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Best answer: There are a few Humber trails here.

I believe this guy is reviewing the trail you took, though doesn't seem to mention the distance.

Finally, I believe this is the exact route you took showing it going all the way to 407. Looks about 25km in total.

Google keywords "bike trails ontario along humber" and "bike trails ontario" :-)

Looks like a fun trail, thanks for sharing!
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Best answer: I've wondered the same myself. I've taken it as far north as Steeles myself, but according to this map (PDF) it appears to go as far north as Kleinberg.
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