Predictive text for Office
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Anyone know of an add-on for MS-Office (or any other Office suite) that can do predictive text?
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T9, or something more like the Pocket PC?

If you mean T9, the best I could find was here. I know there's a USB keypad that looks like a cheap mobile phone, but you can just use a number pad.

If you mean support for general typing, you might find something that plugs into Windows rather than a particular OS. Maybe under language options where that speech and handwriting recognition stuff sits.
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The word processor in has predictive features. If you start typing a word that's already in the document, it'll autocomplete it if you press the right arrow key. I think the feature is a little bit annoying, but it sounds like what you're looking for. It's a pretty good office suite, to boot.
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Sorry, "rather than a particular Office Suite".
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This isn't related to Office, but the recent issue of Make had an article (that's not the whole thing, just a blurb) about something similar for Macs and mentioned a windows application that does almost the same thing. Niether I nor the author have tried it though.
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Penfriend might work. Maybe TypeHelp will do what you need.
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I'm not sure what you want, but if it's word completion and prediction, you want something designed for mobility-impaired or learning-disabled users, like my friend's product WordQ.
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