Perfect gift for a patient husband?
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I need ideas for a great second anniversary present for my husband. The catch is that I am currently in another state.

Our second wedding anniversary is this weekend, and I would like to get my husband something special to celebrate. Unfortunately, I am in another state working on the oil spill. I haven't seen him in two weeks, and probably won't be home until later this month. Before the spill work came up, we had talked about going to a nice dinner or maybe taking a weekend trip somewhere, but since I'm not there, I don't know what to do. We can delay the dinner/trip until I get some time off, but I would still like to send him something special so that he knows that I am thinking of him, miss him terribly, and appreciate him holding down the fort while I am off rescuing wildlife. What in the world can I have delivered to my house on Sunday that would be a special treat for him?

Other details:
- I have internet access and a credit card, so ordering online or by phone is totally ok.
- He likes good steak, red wine, computers, and history.
- He has been taking care of the house and my 2 dogs for the last few weeks, and probably will be until September at least. He also works 60+ hours a week. Perhaps a maid service?
- I do have family in my hometown that could help me out doing deliveries, etc. if needed.

All ideas greatly appreciated!
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A plane ticket to see you.
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2nding a visit. Either you to him or him to you.
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Sexy pictures? Could you go get yourself some lingerie and take some pictures wearing it, then email him the pictures?
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gas card?
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I'm guessing that getting him out to you isn't doable, or you'd have been doing that.

Wine.woot for a nice bottle.
Order him some nice red meat from Omaha Steaks.
Ask your family to take care of the dogs for a few hours.

Call him once the wine and steaks are delivered, and spend dinner with him over the phone, at least.
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Visiting really isn't an option at this point. Although we are technically within driving distance, I work from 10:00 to midnight, so a visit would be pretty boring for him.

I love the idea of sending him steak and wine and "having" dinner with him (maybe over Skype?), but again, my working hours will make that difficult. Great idea though, and exactly the type of thing I am looking for.
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