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In Minneapolis (we will be on the SW edge of the city, FWIW)... Can anyone recommend: 1) their excellent pediatrician? 2) their excellent (pediatric) allergist? 3) their excellent nurse practitioner (general practice)? Thanks!
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We have been very pleased with Metro Pediatric Specialists; we use their Edina clinic primarily - very handy to SW Minneapolis. They're among the few groups in the Twin Cities (as far as I'm aware) that offer clinic appointments on Sundays, which has been really nice (Sunday appointments only at one location, but when you need to get seen, it's worth the drive). We like our primary MD there a lot, and have also been very happy with the others we've seen. Feel free to MeMail me if you want specific physician names or have other questions.
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If you are on HealthPartners: Dr. Brooks Donald for Pediatrician and Dr. Cynthia Vehe for Pediatric Dermatology.
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All About Children Pediatrics in Eden Prairie has been great for us. It's a small, one-location practice and they take great care of our daughter. They're open 6 days a week (only sick-child visits on Saturday), and are open until 8:00pm Mon-Thurs. I've never had a problem getting a same-day ill-child visit any day of the week, and they have a physician on-call 24/7 if you have an urgent middle-of-the-night question. We've seen all of the doctors there at some point, and would definitely recommend any of them. Go ahead and contact me directly if you want more information.
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I live in the SW corner of the city and have an 8 yo with asthma and allergies. I recommend
Edina Pediatrics near Southdale mall.The hours are great and they have a nurse practitioner. Also they will see adults for routine things so if everyone has strep you can all be seen at once. This is a single location clinic.

The Drs have very different personalities. I use Dr Thomson who is very to the point but extremely thorough. Dr Wengler is much more outgoing and talkative. We use Dr Thomson because my husband loves her straight to the point style. We've seen the nurse practitioner once this past winter and she took the time to page through my daughters extremely large chart before coming in to see us. It was great to not have to start at step 1 with her.
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