Selling a mac
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What's the best way to sell an almost new computer?

I recently purchased a loaded g5 imac. Due to changing circumstances, well, long story short, I can't keep it. I have no use for it. I know I'm going to lose money, but I might as well sell it now and get what I can instead of letting it collect dust. It's basically brand new just the way it came along with the box it came in.

So what's the best way to sell it? Ebay? I have no history there, and I've been told people would be cautious buying something that expensive from someone with no history.

I don't live in a very big market, and I'm not sure I'd get a whole lot of interest locally. I think I know of an apple reseller a couple of hours away, but I don't know if resellers buy also.

Any suggestions as to the best way to get it off my hands and save a little money in the process?
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Is there a craigslist anywhere near you? Or anyone you know with a good Ebay history that will let you sell it using their username?
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How much do you want for it? :) Surely someone here has a need. (But don't call me Shirley).
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Print up a few "(Almost) New computer for sale!" flyers with your contact info on little tear-offs at the bottom of the sheet and post them around nearby college campuses. Kinda late in the school year, I know, but you might find a student able to beg his/her parents for an early graduation gift. If you do end up selling to a student, you may want to specify cash-only.
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Response by poster: The nearest craigslist would either be atlanta or new orleans, if they have one. I could try to get a friend to help sell it.

I know someone would want it, it's just trying to find that person.

And I thought about the college campus deal, and will try it, but you'd be surprised at how few people in smaller populations even know what a mac is.

I was hoping maybe there was a mac user group that had listings for such things, but I'm guessing not.
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Even without an established history you should be able to sell it on eBay. Mention your circumstances, mention a willingness to employ an escrow agent, mention that you have the original boxes (if in fact you still do) and set your reserve at a price you are willing to live with.
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Here's a way to search for local Mac user groups.
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I can't offer a suggestion for getting rid of it, but I'd suggest that you find a way to enjoy while it's new, since people are usually only interested in buying older models second-hand. You won't be able to sell it now for more than you'll get in a year's time.

Don't post a sob story on eBay, they always look a bit TMI and creepy. A really good way to seem trustworthy is to post plenty of self-taken photos and don't copy and paste your description from Apple's
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Best answer: justgary, a non-MeFi-registered friend of mine has advice about this. May I pass your email address along?
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Response by poster: CMYK..yes.
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Response by poster: Thanks for everyone's advice. CMYK's friend gave me a lot of great pointers, so I think I'm set.

(thanks cmyk)
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Hope it works for you.
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