Are cough drops causing me to leak?
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What are the chances of sugar-free Halls cough drops causing...seepage? (yeah, that kind...sorta gross details inside)

I used to be on some medication that made my throat dry. I was teaching at the time, so I started using Halls sugar-free cough drops to help me lecture beyond my scratchy-throated 20 minute limit.

I no longer take the medication, but my throat is still sorta dry. I consume 3-5 cough drops a day. Feels great, like I can talk again, sing again, etc.

The problem is, I've developed a slight anal seepage problem. Enough to dampen a piece of toilet paper a few times a day. Smell is similar to what my cat's butt smelled like before we had his glands expressed.

Further complicating the issue is that I'm wondering if it's an anal fistula. I had a good size hemorrhoid about a year ago, and I had never had one like that before. Could this have led to what I have now?

I will go ask a doctor about it, but what are the chances it's the Halls? Is there something in the sugar-replacing component that could be causing the seepage?

I have had anal leakage before from consuming olestra (I think it was), and that was quite a bit more unpleasant; still, it makes me wary of my cough drops.

Also: Tips on a replacement for the halls would be much appreciated. Water doesn't seem to work that well. Breath mints seem to make my throat worse.
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Do the cough drops contain either sorbitol or maltitol? If so, you may have an intolerance to sugar alcohols. I do. It's not fun.
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Isomalt (which I think they contain - you might want to check) can cause flatulence and diarrhea, because the digestive system treats it as fibre rather than as carbohydrate. So there you go.

3-5 cough drops a day isn't much, but maybe you're a bit sensitive to Isomalt.
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My dentist recommended Spry brand gum and mints with Xylitol for symptoms of dry mouth. I believe Xylitol is still a sugar alcohol but not as bad as sorbitol or maltitol. You can get Spry products at Whole Foods and vitamin shops.
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Direct from the Hall's website: "Excess consumption may have a laxative effect."
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Yup - lots of artificial sweeteners have a laxative effect. It's common. The trick is either to switch to the sugary equivalent, consume less or choose a brand with xylitol - which tends to cause it less.
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A singing teacher recommended licorice-based pastilles; I've had success trying Meloids and the horribly-named Nigroids (both are tiny black candies with a very strong licorice taste) or Valda (gummy and mentholy). All three can be hard to find, but I've had success in imported candy shops (British for Meloids, French for Valda).
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You might want to try an herbal throat spray. You can get them in health food stores. They taste mildly horrid but can do wonders - used to use them in musical theatre. My favorite was one by Zand called Herbal Mist, but there are a few options.
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I use all manner of sugar substitutes. As a result I've become acutely aware of how each effects my body. I have never had a "seepage" problem from any of them. Acute distress? yes. Seepage? no.
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