Where can I volunteer in th MN Twin Cities metro area and get experience relevant to my finance degree?
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Where can I volunteer in th MN Twin Cities metro area and get experience relevant to my finance degree?

After working in retail banking and other sales careers for the first seven or so years of my working life, I went back to school and have just graduated with a degree in finance.

I want to get into corporate finance but have been unsuccessful so far after two months of searching. I'm trying to be patient and I understand that I should expect my job search to take at least six months but I'm going a little bit stir crazy.

I thought that I might try volunteering for something to do and I was hoping to get some ideas on someplace I could volunteer that might offer my some good experience that would be relevant to my field and keep my busy while I search for something longer term.
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What if you did solo work? I mean. and I'm just spitballing here, but what if, you took the mounds of publicly available info about all your local government taxes, funds, statistics and data.....and analyzed it into interesting forms and showed your results to whoever would listen? If you did a groovy job at it you could get some attention and maybe a job out of it.
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AccountAbility Minnesota is an awesome tax preparation organization that files tax returns, renter's rebates, and Earned Income Credits for low income people. With your interest in finance, they probably have a space for your talents.
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I bet there is some group like Legal Aid that provides free legal services to low income/homeless groups. And I bet that some of those legal issues are related to finance (rent disputes, probate, etc) and they might like a volunteer who can do the legwork on cases like that.
Ok, I got this idea from a John Grisham novel, but it's probably true in real life.
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